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There are occasions when a critic really risks. For example, in discovering and spreading the new - as the director, Jan Pinkava writes - “The world is often averse to new creations. The new needs supporters." And I expose myself in stating that Louis Siciliano's new work, Ancient Cosmic Truth (Suite in 4 Movements), should not only be supported, but welcomed as an exceptional creation, in the etymological sense of the word: 'which is an exception' in the panorama of the world of international music. Renzo Cresti, Music Critic and Musicologist

It’s a definitive performance, in many ways, and exemplifies the high standards driving Siciliano’s art. This is a composer and performer intent on following his Muse wherever she may lead, but Louis Siciliano never neglects the listener’s needs. Chadwick Easton, MELODY MAKER MAGAZINE

 “It’s a bold way to end one of the boldest releases in recent years, full of renegade jazz that boils with heat and musical skill. Louis Siciliano has always taken chances and continues to do so, but it always pays off thanks to an artistic acumen that few others possess. He’ll be back again, but this release (ANCIENT COSMIC TRUTH) will likely always stand out as one of his finest moments”. Clay Burton INDIPENDENT MUSIC AND ARTS INSIDER

 "Louis Siciliano has a network that connects him to different cosmos, the distance from world music and the proximity to folk music, the openness of jazz and the clarity of pop". Ralf Dombrowski, Music Critic and Journalist

 “It’s a wonderful example of considered yet passionate playing that never exhausts the listener’s patience”. Clay Burton INDIPENDENT MUSIC AND ARTS INSIDER

 "Louis Siciliano’s compositions such as this are cumulative efforts, never showing their musical hand all at once, but rather gathering their ultimate effect on the listener over time".  Colin Jordan, Music Critic and Journalist 

“He has set a new standard for modern jazz fusion and couples intriguing synthesizer textures into the form”. Cleopatra Patrel -BIG CELEBRITY BUZZ

"Louis Siciliano unreels one lyrical line after another during the course of the performance and listeners will especially enjoy how he plays with the song’s tempo".  Garth Thomas, THE HOLLYWOOD DIGEST 

The range of emotion and color emanating from this collection positions it as one of the finest expressions of modern jazz you’ll hear for some time. Louis Siciliano has a firm grasp on the wide gamut of “languages” exist within the style and his fluency along with Mauro Salvatore’s allows MUMEx Duo to go in whatever direction they like. Samuel Pratt ENTERTAINMENT EYES

 “He has an exploratory spirit that doesn’t settle for the conventional path but, instead, seeks new horizons with passion and a refusal to back down". Nicole Killian - MOBYORKCITY

"Siciliano sounds like he’s digging deep into the song’s melodic bounty and the resulting range of feelings he invokes effortless spill off the song".  Jennifer Munoz, VENTS MAGAZINE

"If this is close to what Louis Siciliano imagines jazz breaking into with the coming years, he’ll find his share of listeners willing to follow". Mindy McCall, INDIE PULS MUSIC 

 “Ancient Cosmic Truth left a mark on me and it will do the same for you”Heather Savage - TOP BUZZ MAGAZINE

“Heat the Silent” eschews the be-bop bred barreling straight ahead of the former track in favor of an earlier model. We’re in smokier lands than ever before with this one and there’s a theatrical flavor hanging over certain passages, but the future breaks through too as a manic fever overcomes Louis Siciliano at some points. Kate Churchill RAZOR FISH REVIEWS

"The sense of personal mission behind Louis Sicilano’s artistic ideas, paying tribute to the classical Afro-American music that set him afire as a youth, and to the father who helped open that door is the crowning touch on this wonderful work".  Trace Whittaker, POP ICON MAGAZINE

“ Louis Siciliano’s meticulousness is star-caliber, and I doubt you’ll find many critics to dispute as much when reviewing this masterful release bearing his group’s name in the byline”Colin Jordan, Music Critic and Journalist 

“A spellbinding effort for jazz fans both new and old the same, I highly recommend giving Folds of Time a listen this winter season as to enjoy what could be one of the best independent records to emerge from this genre in a long time”Mark Druery, INDIESHARK 

 “He uses the form as a vehicle that’s always moving into the future”. Colin Jordan - MUSIC CRITIC AND JOURNALIST

“The new album Folds of Time from Mumex Trio is certainly one of the more complete jazz listens I’ve had the opportunity to review in the past couple of months, if not the collective 2021-2022 calendar”Mark Druery, INDIESHARK 

“There isn’t anything these musicians can’t do and Folds of Time suggest they’ve just started building a legacy”. Garth Thomas, THE HOLLYWOOD DIGEST 

“MUMEx Trio’s release Folds of Time marries classical, jazz, and world music influences into a potent and intelligent blend”Garth Thomas, THE HOLLYWOOD DIGEST 

“What the players in this group share is absolute dynamite chemistry, and it’s the sort that you don’t come across every day in any genre of music, let alone something as intellectually demanding as jazz is”. Colin Jordan, Music Critic and Journalist 

“This is an exhibition in musical mastery, but what’s more is that Folds of Time sounds like a love letter to jazz itself, rather than a mere commentary from some of its more accomplished and skillful players to share the same studio”Colin Jordan, Music Critic and Journalist 

“This trio imposes no limits on themselves and has the skill to take their material anywhere they like”. Chadwick Easton, MELODY MAKER 

“Folds of Time has audacity that you rarely hear nowadays”. Chadwick Easton, MELODY MAKER 

“MUMEx Trio serves as notice that a major musical force has emerged on the scene and let’s hope they receive the notice they deserve”. Michael Rand, MOBANGELES 

“These three musicians invoke classical, world, and jazz motifs with equal facility without ever sounding too reverential”. Mindy McCall, INDIE PULSE MUSIC 

“ MUMEx Trio have struck upon an unique musical blend that no one else serves up today”. Mindy McCall, INDIE PULSE MUSIC 

“Few new acts can claim to be as intelligent and skilled as MUMEx Trio”. Rachel Townsend, THE SPOTTED CAT MAGAZINE 

“Mumex Trio, it’s the cornerstone of all sonic catharsis”. Jennifer Munoz, VENTS MAGAZINE 

“Mumex Trio pushes the envelope as far as possible without falling off a creative cliff – itself quite the feat to be proud of – but more than this, they establish melodicism amidst discord in the most elegant way imaginable”. Jennifer Munoz, VENTS MAGAZINE 

“It’s not the lone jazz effort I’d call spellbinding, but certainly the first to come from an indie outfit in 2022 that’s really impressed me”Jennifer Munoz, VENTS MAGAZINE 

“I’ve been listening to a lot of incredible jazz crossovers in 2021 and 2022, but this is the first of the new year to leave me totally blown away by its ambition and attitude”Jennifer Munoz, VENTS MAGAZINE 

“With immensely virtuosic skill, this band – made up of Louis Siciliano, Roberto Bellatalla, and Mauro Salvatore – presents music inspired by the adventurous side of life”. Troy Johnstone, OFFICIAL FAME MAGAZINE 

“They’re pushing each other as much as they are limitations of their art, and instead of sounding jumbled where a lot of players would typically fall apart under the pressure, they seem to thrive with this kind of material in front of them”Troy Johnstone, OFFICIAL FAME MAGAZINE 

“These players are some of the most talented I’ve heard outside of a mainstream circuit in a long time now”Claire Uebelacker, BALLYHOO MAGAZINE 

“One of the best collaborative sessions between those committed to jazz, classical, and world music to arrive on our speakers in the past year”Loren Sperry, MUSIC EXISTENCE

“Traveling, whether it be a road trip or a venture across the ocean, requires a certain kind of a soundtrack to really complete the experience, and in Mumex Trio’s Folds of Time, I think 2022 gets its ultimate aural backdrop to a life of wanderlust”. Clay Burton, IMAAI 

“Folds of Time is everything its title would suggest, combining both historical concepts and wildly different ones at the same time, and I think it’s worthy of all the hype it’s attracting and then some”.  Anne Hollister, THE INDIE SORCE 

“There’s no place for the filler that a lot of other musicians would have stuck into this tracklist because the emotional depth of the statements these artists are making takes up the whole mantle on its own”.  Gwen Waggoner, SKOPE MAGAZINE 

“Folds of Time is a true testament to the talented Louis Siciliano, Roberto Bellatalla, and Mauro Salvatore, each of whom breaks off some of their most thoughtful work to date inside of this record”. Gwen Waggoner, SKOPE MAGAZINE 

“Louis Siciliano is a careful composer in this record, but he’s also a showman when it comes to the depth of his output in the studio”. Loren Sperry, MUSIC EXISTENCE 

“Their best attribute, as it puts them in the company of the best musicians to ever make this kind of music”. Clay Burton, IMAAI 

 “His vision is unique, but it has a common ground of musicality that all listeners can enjoy if they are willing to open their minds”. Cleopatra Patrel -BIG CELEBRITY BUZZ

"Louis Siciliano does not view this as a vocation. It is his life’s work. Such a feeling, placed within a jazz context, can often lead to an eagerness for smashing barriers and pushing an artist’s music into areas it may not have otherwise enjoyed". Samuel Pratt ENTERTAINMENT EYES 

 “Siciliano unleashes some particularly inventive synthesizer lines that have a mysterious quality without ever sounding self-indulgent”. Heather Savage - TOP BUZZ MAGAZINE

 “Keyboardist, pianist, vocalist, and composer, Siciliano’s recent releases testify to his abiding faith in the power of music to make sense of an otherwise senseless life”. Colin Jordan - MUSIC CRITIC AND JOURNALIST