I had to wait forty-three years to get to my own language. Years of study, of an almost desperate search, even dramatic years but in the end I am happy to have reached the starting point. A starting point that I don't know where it will take me but it is undeniable that I am very excited to be able to concentrate on my MUMEx Sound. I've never stopped since I was 7 years old. I dedicated years and years to deepening composition and orchestration, then I was lucky enough to be able to start investigating electronic music at a very young age with a giant like Antonio De Santis.

In my life I have met extraordinary people: the mathematician Vittorio Cafagna, the composers Aldo Brizzi, Filippo D'Eliso, Vittorio Giampietro, Gabriele Montagano and Gérard Pape; saxophonist Umberto Muselli, percussionist and singer Giovanni Imparato, guitarist Marco Cappelli, double bass player Roberto Bellatalla, drummers Claudio Romano and Mauro Salvatore, the concert organizer and Artist manager Gianluca Colantoni, the greatest executive producer and Guru of the communication Renato Marengo,  musicologist and internationally renowned music critic Renzo Cresti with his wife the writer Chiara Calabrese, my superhero Wayne Shorter and his wife Carolina, the great concert piano artist Elizabeth Sombart who along with Christopher Wasserman have always supported and encouraged me not to give up.

The list would be very long and I'll stop here, but I carry everyone in my heart. I have crossed many musical territories, I have been interested in-depth study of many musical instruments from all over the world. I have composed  many soundtracks for the Cinema, music for the Theater, any kind of songs and electronic music compositions but only today, at forty-three years old, I can make my Music. Who would have thought that I would one day find myself playing the piano, keyboards and synthesizers. Never say never in life! If you have some time I'll tell you why. 

This is my story:

Many many years ago, a 7-year-old boy attended an oratory in a small town in the Vesuvian countryside.
Every afternoon this little boy went into a small room on tiptoe and sat at the piano. Each day he set out a journey that "Alice in Wonderland" is nothing in comparison. When he went to people's houses and there was a piano, he literally glued himself to the instrument.One day the parish priest of that village of a few thousand souls discovered him playing the piano which belonged to him. Without a word, he grabbed him by the ear and with a kick in the ass threw him out of the room. Since then the piano has closed.

Growing up, the boy went to study Composition in the conservatory but he didn't really want to know about playing the piano. His relationship with Music was mental, he composed directly by writing to the staff and to cheer people up in family celebrations, if he really had to make a sacrifice, he would play the guitar for them. Years passed and that boy cultivated his secret love for him. Around the age of 17 he spent his sleepless nights listening to Bill Evans, Cecil Taylor, Ahmad Jamal, Sun Ra not to mention Bird, Monk, Trane, Dolphy or Mingus. He didn't want to know about playing the piano.

He was noticed as an orchestra conductor, a so-called "enfant prodige". He went to live in New York City and everyone thought his career was going to get off to a great start in the Big Apple but at some point he dropped everything.He moved to San Francisco where he studied sound engineering with Peter Miller, the famous BEATLES sound engineer. He concentrated totally on the composition and years later he managed to find in Film Music a way to be able to live honestly. The years passed and he finally, after a long spiritual and psychoanalytic journey, managed to bring out the true essence of him: the performer. To free him from his last mental prisons and to put him back on the piano is a Babalawo from Regla de Osha (Cuba), Giovanni Imparato, one of the greatest living percussionists around the World.

In the meantime this composer had gone very far and had published a book according to many a revolutionary language entitled MUSIC MULTIVERSE EXPLORATION (MUMEx) inspired by John Coltrane through the fantastic didactic work of George Garzone and dedicated to the Pygmies people. At one point this composer did not want everything to remain on a theoretical level and began to work operationally on MUMEx with the double bass player Roberto Bellatalla, a protagonist of avant-garde music in London for more than 30 years. They are then joined by the drummer Mauro Salvatore.Thus was born the album FOLDS OF TIME by MUMEx TRIO. The album will be released on MUSICA PRESENTE Records, the label directed by the well-known international music critic and musicologist Renzo Cresti. This album is the real first stage of this modern Ulysses of Music. Everything he has produced before is just a long Prologue.From FOLDS OF TIME begins a period where work, research, spiritual and musical practice coincide perfectly.

This is the story.  I hope I haven't been too verbose. Now enough with the words and let's leave room for Music.

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