I have a Dream

I would like to ask all of you to help me to realize this magic Dream. 

I think that if a person believes strongly in something, dreams can come true. 

Will-power can work wonders. 

With the help of all of you, I would like to open a DIGNITY HOTEL in every city in the world. 


A beautiful place where anyone in trouble can go.

A hotel that finances itself with artistic and cultural events in connection with all the big innovative companies around the globe.

The dignity of every human being is sacred.

Remember all human beings are connected to each other. 

We are 1. 

Taking care of the weakest and most disadvantaged is taking care of ourselves.

In a more just and harmonious world, each of us will be much better than now. 

Music and Artists can change the World.

I am sure that by combining our thoughts, as happens with the instruments of a symphonic orchestra, we can mold reality and generate power and harmony immensely together as a community. 

Let us remember that it is our mind and our thoughts that create the reality that we live.

If we are aware and we all live in COMPASSION, LOVE & RESPECT, there will no longer be homeless people, there will be no more people who are hungry, and there will be no more conflicts and wars. 

Heaven is possible in this LIFE and the PEACE is the only way for our evolution. 

Thank you so so much for everything _()_ 


              Peace & Light, 

             Louis Siciliano